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Saturday 1st December 2018, 7.30am
Berkhamsted Civic Centre

Belinda Sykes
Voice, bagpipes, director
Angela Hicks
Voice, harp
Tad Sargent
Voice, bouzouki, bodhran
Mary Robertson
Fidel, voice
Louise Anna Duggan
Percussion, dulcimer, voice

About Joglaresa

Joglaresa filled the Civic Centre in 2012 and now they return to blow the dust off medieval song and bring seasonal cheer to Yuletide, romping through the carols of Christmas Past. With fidel, harp, bells, bagpipes and voices Joglaresa ring in Christmas and New Year.

Directed by Belinda Sykes, this London-based ensemble has been playing since 1992. They imaginatively push, and often transcend, the limits of what is often thought of as early music. They were the first medieval band to develop a programme of songs entirely devoted to Mary Magdalen, and they were pioneers in programming medieval Jewish and Arabic texts.